How to bet on 1xBet – Review in Nigeria

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So, you first registered on the site of the 1xBet football bookmaker. You figured out how to replenish a deposit, pass verification of data and perform authorization on the site, installed an application on your mobile gadget or figured out a mirror system. It’s time to learn how to bet on 1xBet, and today we will tell you about 1xBet football.

To begin with, let’s deal with the basics. In the 1xBet partner’s bookmaker, the player has two main types of sports betting available login:

  1. Single – regular sports bets on one outcome 1xBet partners. In case of winning, the player’s account will be credited with the amount of the bet multiplied by the coefficient. When you deduct the amount from this figure, you can find out how much you have earned on the bet Nigeria.
  2. Expresses – bets on multiple outcomes in different matches Nigeria. In fact, these are several single wagers (optimally – from three to five), combined into onebahis. The odds of individual bets are multiplied among themselves, and the result is the coefficient of the whole express. In theory, you can hit a good jackpot. In practice, if at least one bet loses, the entire express loses as well.

Bets in the 1xBet bookmaker Abuja can be made in two modes – prematch and live. Pre-match bets Abuja can be made even a month before rating of bookmaker the start of a sports competition – it depends on when the line is laid out. It’s optimal to place bets a day before the start of the match, in which case the approximate composition of the teams and their readiness for the game are already known application.

Live bets are placed during a sports bonus match 1xBet online. They are allocated in a separate category – Live, where you can always clarify which games are currently playing, get acquainted with the proposed rates and bet on any suitable outcome 1xBet online.

how to bet on 1xbet

When making a bet 1xBet Review, you need to work promo code with sports in which you are at least a little versed. If you are an expert on football or hockey or 1xBet partners, you can see the situation on the field and predict the outcome – make several bets and check yourself. The 1xBet Review bookmaker offers dozens of sports disciplines, including popular football, hockey and tennis, as well as lesser-known Gaelic football, darts and water polo 1xBet Review.

For example, let’s analyze a football iOS match. Each game has a basic and advanced painting. The main includes basic outcomes common to all matches, regardless of their importance. In addition – various combinations based on the basic, as well as individual, rates on statistics and much more.

Base outcomes include 1xBet online:

  1. Betting on the outcome. Designated as P1 X P2 or 1 X 2. P1 – victory of the first team, X – draw, P2 – victory of the second team. The standard bet on how the confrontation will end.
  2. Double chance 1xBet online. It is designated as 12 1X X2 or P1X P1P2 XP2. Bet on the fact that the match will definitely not have one of the main outcomes. Bet 12 means that the teams will win without a draw, bet 1X – that the guests will not win, X2 – that the first team will not win.
  3. Handicap 1xBet online. A bet is made when one of the iPhone has a clear advantage. Handicap can be positive or negative. A positive handicap is drawn up by an outsider, a negative one by a favorite. When calculating a bet 1xBet sportsbook, the positive or negative handicap value is added to the result of the match, after which the winner is determined.
  4. Total match 1xBet sportsbook. The total number of goals the teams will score for each other throughout the match. There is also a total half time – a bet on the number of goals that teams score each link during the first half. The bookmaker calls the number, the player makes a bet on whether the number of goals scored is greater or less than this number Android.
  5. Both will score 1xBet sportsbook. If you are sure that both teams will score at least one goal each, you can bet on “Yes”. If you are sure that you will score one or the account will not be opened – “No”.

How to make a single bet in 1xBet Sportsbook Review

1xbet review nigeria

All existing game strategies are based on single bets 1xBet ng. This is a bet made on one specific outcome – for example, a team victory or a total of less than 6 1xBet ng.

To calculate how much you will get if the bet is played, you need to look at the coefficient. The odds multiplied by the bet amount gives a win. If you subtract the amount of the bet from the winnings, you get a net profit. For example, we make a bet in the amount of 1000 rubles at a coefficient of 1.50. The bet wins; we get 1500 dollars 1xBet ng. 500 dollars of this amount is our net profit registration.

Making single sports bet takes place in several stages 1xBet esports review.

  1. We go to the site, log in, if necessary, replenish the account.
  2. We choose sports discipline from among those proposed.
  3. Choose a match. If desired, you can use the search and specify the name of the desired team in the request.
  4. By mouse click on the match we call the list – bets on the outcome, totals, and handicaps. It all depends on the importance of the match and the tournament; up to a thousand possible outcomes are offered for some meetings. Making a prediction live stream.
  5. We select one of the proposed outcomes and click on the coefficient with the mouse. On the right opens a coupon with information about the rate of the type “ordinary” 1xBet Sportsbook Review.
  6. Enter the amount of the bet. The system itself carries out the necessary calculations and shows our possible winnings in the event of a bet.
  7. We complete the betting process and wait for the result of the match mobi.

So, with single bets we figured out 1xBet sportsbook test. This is the easiest kind of sports betting. Now let’s talk about multiple bets – expresses.

How to put express on 1xBet online

How to put express on 1xBet online

An express is a multiple bet consisting of several singles. Making an express bet in one match will not work: one match allows one possible outcome 1xBet review 2019, possibly a combined one.

The coefficient of the express is calculated by multiplying the odds of single bets that are part of the multiple bet. For example, in an express of three bets with 1.20, 1.30 and 1.40 coefficients, the final coefficient will be equal to 2.184 1xBet Player. Accordingly, if you bet a thousand rubles under such conditions, you will receive 2184 rubles, or 1184 rubles, of net profit if you succeed.

It should be noted that the more events on the express and the higher the final bid, the higher is not only the possible profit, but also the risk of losing everything. If at least one single bet does not play, the entire express will lose.

Making an express bet is as follows:

  1. We go to the site, log in, and replenish the account.
  2. We choose sports discipline, mobile app, and match. You can use the search.
  3. Choose a suitable bet and click on the coefficient. A bet coupon appears on the right side of the screen. Do not complete the design.
  4. Go to the next match, select a bet, and click on the odds Sportsbook Rating. The second bet is added to the coupon.
  5. We repeat the procedure as many times as necessary – depending on how many events should be in the express train.
  6. Go to the coupon onexBet, enter the amount of the bet, and check the final coefficient and the amount of possible winnings 1xBet website. We complete the design and wait for the result mobil apk.

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